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Where is the system tray - Answers A tray service is a software program that normally displays no windows but instead displays an icon in the system tray; on windows the system tray is usually in the bottom right corner of the What's In Your System Tray? - YouTube Jan 31, 2012 How to Customize and Tweak Your System Tray Icons in Windows

System Tray Options Follow. Prad January 18, 2019 04:49; Can you guys please add the option to change your status (online, do not disturb, invisible, etc) by right clicking the discord system tray icon? It would be extremely convenient. Also, on a related note, when I right click discord system tray icon, I don't see any options for voice/video

What is system tray? - Definition from WhatIs.com The system tray (or "systray") is a section of the taskbars in the Microsoft Windows desktop user interface that is used to display the clock and the icons of certain programs so that a user is

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