May 15, 2020

by Calista Staff The Calista (cha-LIS-tah) Corporation 46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for July 3, 2020, has changed from in-person to virtual Annual Meeting, due to COVID-19. Proxy voting will continue as normal this year, except ballots cannot be cast “in-person” during the meeting. Mar 16, 2020 · Externally, outside lawyers, a proxy distribution vendor (such as Broadridge), the transfer agent, the inspector of elections (if different than the transfer agent), any engaged IR firm and the virtual meeting vendor should be notified as soon as possible. Using Virtual_host and mod_proxy together. The following example allows a front-end machine to proxy a virtual host through to a server running on another machine. In the example, a virtual host of the same name is configured on a machine at Basically, a virtual proxy should speed things up because "the benefit hotadd provides comes from the fact that data is transferred to the proxy server via ESXi storage stack, which is much faster, instead of the network stack.) I've tried this in my own lab and got a significant performance boost.

Apr 14, 2020 · Take steps to notify other parties in the proxy process (e.g., securities exchanges) of the change. The SEC guidance also pointed out that companies considering utilizing a virtual format need to notify shareholders, as well as other proxy process parties, of the logistics involved to ensure shareholders can join the meeting, participate and vote.

In ALOHA, you can use OVF properties in VMWare to set parameters on your virtual machine and have them apply automatically on boot. To use this feature, you must use VMWare ESX version >= 5.5 and ALOHA version >= 11.0. You can define the following OVF properties using the VMWare user interface or the command line:

Mar 06, 2020 · Consider including disclosure regarding proxy cards and VIFs in additional proxy solicitation materials. Virtual votes – Shareholder proxies are generally revocable, and they will be deemed revoked automatically by the shareholder’s vote at the meeting. For a virtual meeting, this means a virtual vote will revoke a proxy.

Considerations for virtual annual shareholder meetings in Mar 06, 2020 2020 Proxy Season - Virtual Meetings Update Apr 14, 2020