May 15, 2018

Google Timeline on iPhone – How To Turn It Off And On In How to turn on Google timeline. In order to create a timeline, you have to enable the location service and location history. Then Google will automatically create a timeline according to your location, search inquiries and visited websites. You can also add certain places manually. In the Google Maps app, tap the Menu icon at the top left Google Hangouts: Turn Off and Delete Chat History Jun 20, 2013 Activity controls - Google Account The data saved in your account helps give you more personalized experiences across all Google services. Choose which settings will save data in your Google Account. remember where you left off, and more. Location History. Saves where you go with your devices, even when you aren't using a specific Google service, to give you personalized

How To Turn Off Recent Google Search History | Technobezz

Dec 13, 2018

How to Delete your Google Search History and Turn it Off

Cell edit history isn't a opt-in feature, there isn't a turn on/off setting for it. If you edited a cell after the feature was added by Google to your spreadsheet, it can't be turned off for that cell as well it isn’t possible to turn it off/opt-out. References. Find what's changed in a file (help article) What is Google Location History and Should You Use It or Mar 10, 2018 How to turn off Google's location tracking | Technology Aug 14, 2018 How to Delete the Revision History in Google Docs | Your